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Nordic Building & Paint Labs was started in August 2014 with the aim of supporting research and development activities within Nordic building and paint companies. Despite the new start, the company does not lack experience, with the founders having over 40 years experience from working in the industry, and access to a large knowledge network over Europe.


Based in Stockholm, Sweden the company offers direct consultation, training and testing services to the building and paint industry. Specialist areas for consultation include:

  • formulation and testing of paints for exterior wood
  • industrial painting of wooden panelling
  • raw materials for paints and building products
  • testing and standard methods
  • training courses in coatings


For contact and more information please contact:


Telephone: +46 733 571 635


Please check the linkedin public profile for more background information about Peter Weissenborn:



Read interview in Enterprise Magazine (in Swedish)


Company Founders

Peter Weissenborn Ph.D.

Ulla Westlund M.Sc.

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